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”Life isn't about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away”


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*se orgas...wait for*, 13~14, aang, aeryn sun, agent seeley booth, amazing chuck!!!, angel/cordy, arrested development, ats, audiocomentarios de ben y claudia, avatar: the last airbender, back off he's mine!, being erica, ben/claudia, bitchface!sam, bones, booth/brennan, brad colbert/nate fick, brian/justin, brokeback mountain, brothers & sisters, buffy the vampire slayer, caderas, cancelled tv shows, cappieeeee!!!!!!!!11, chris/steve, claudia black, coach eric taylor, couples who share weapons, crushing on fictional characters, david tennant, david tennant's oral fixation, dead like me, dean con barbita, dean conduciendo a sam ejem, dean pwns you, dean winchester, dexter, doctor who, doctor/rose, dr. temperance brennan, emily deschanel, emily/david, enchanted, epic romance, fanboy!dean, farscape, firefly, friday night lights, generation kill, georgia/mason, gmail - inbox (1), good times kripke, greek, hairspray, harry potter, harry/ginny, i don't know what that means, i lost my shoe :(, illyria, impala, iron man, jake gyllenhaal, jared padalecki, jared padalecki's smile, jared tocándose el pelo, jared&jensen comentando phatom traveler, jared&jensen montándoselo en sus trailers, jared/jensen, jared/me, jdm hazme mujer!!!!11, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen ackles perfection attack!, jensen cantando, jim halpert, jim/pam, john crichton, john winchester, john/aeryn, john/cameron, joss whedon, katie cassidy, kirk/spock, lame lame lame, logan echolls, logan/veronica, mal reynolds, mason, michael bluth, obligatory psychotic jackasses, oh matt saracen, oi! there's a war going on here!, old school veronica mars, omgsway!, patrick jane, postales de rebe, pride & prejudice, queer as folk, rafa nadal, robert downey jr., ron weasley, ron/hermione, rps, ruby, sam conduciendo el impala, sam winchester, sam/dean, sam/ruby, sammy pwns you, sci-fi, scrubs, scully/mulder, sera gamble marry me, serenity, sheldon, sheldon & penny friendship!, simon/kaylee, sokka, sokka/toph, spike, spike/buffy, star trek xi, steve carlson, steve holt!!!, supernatural, supernatural trouble profile, tardis, team avatar!, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the big bang theory, the cutting edge, the dark knight, the epic love story of sam and dean, the good ship, the house rules, the mentalist, the third character of supernatural samndean, tim/lyla, toph, trufah', veronica/logan, wesley wyndam-price, wesley/fred, winchesters, wonderfalls, x-files, zac efron, zuko, zuko/aang
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